George Smith aka. Kurius Boy is: a producer, artist, writer, multimedia designer, and business man who was born and raised in Southwest Florida. Growing up in the small town of Immokalee, meaning (My Home) in Indian. Kurius Boy was always into the different arts of music and writing poetry from a young age, but didn't take it serious because he excelled in sports. Not until an unfortunate situation in his life, that took sports away from him did he take it serious. However that gave him the voice, time and testament that he uses now to speak his mind.

Kurius Boy has unique style in music, because he's from the South, and grew up in the 90's. That influences the music he makes, and the beats he produces for not only himself, but for other artist also.

He's produced hundreads of songs for different artist, excluding albums for: Holladay's "Voice Of The Streets", Dirty Boi's "Imma Man First", his Kurius Boy's "Yes I Am", and Dricey Boy's "Dricey Boy's Way". They all are hot and out now, so you can look them up online.

Kurius Boy is also trained in many different medias, so if you need beats, music, graphics, flyers, websites, video editing or anything. Just check out all his work, and message him if you got questions or need work done

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